#11: Torrence Creek Greenway

So I’ve been dealing with this stupid broken toe for a few weeks. It has really impacted my hiking and trail walking. Why this toe hurts way more than the other toe I broke a few years ago I have no idea but such is life! I haven’t been able to go out for very long without stupid amounts of pain so trips have been short or not at all. I had this goal of going somewhere every week for a year and now that has been detoured slightly. With that said, I’ll tell you about my trip to Torrence Creek Greenway.

I found this one on another app I found called TrailLink. The trail is located in Huntersville, NC ┬áIt’s not a long trail at all and is paved with little boardwalks along the way. I found these rock formations in the woods and stopped to take a few photos. Even with a broken toe, I was climbing up just to see what’s on the other side. I’m hard-headed. I probably did more harm than good but we’ll see in the next few days.

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