#5: Lower McAlpine Creek & Four Mile Creek Greenway

four mile creek reflection

Reflection of the trees on Four Mile Creek

This weeks hike took me back to a part of the Lower McAlpine Creek and Four Mile Creek Greenways that I hadn’t been to before. This was more of a walk than a hike as there was no elevation to walk up.  I have visited different parts of both greenways but honestly never walked the entire thing. It was cold, again, but the lighting was definitely working to my advantage so I walked around a lot longer than I had originally planned. Every photographer chases the “golden hour” and so do I but more times than not I’m not taking advantage of it like I should.

Like other parks, I’ve driven past this one too a few times. The trail is paved and is obviously in a flood area based on some of the things that I saw washed up on the side. It’s a pretty active trail with dog walkers and runners. A few plaques are stationed along various parts telling about what is going on with that particular portion of the trail. We stopped off at a roundabout where ducks were and obvious signs of tracks in the mud. We walked a little further but turned around since I wasn’t seeing much.

My opinion of this one: eh. As an avid trail walker this one was pretty boring. I don’t have a long list of standards for what I’m looking for but there needs to at least be something other than plaques telling me about the forest. I see those everywhere. All parks and all trails have wildlife and most of it is congruent across the area. If I was a runner or lived near by I’d walk my dog here but I’d probably zone out because there isn’t much to see. Photographically, again this one didn’t cut it, not even for macro. Usually, when I don’t see a lot that is inspiring me, I can get a few macro shots but I just wasn’t feeling this one. Oh well, such is life and on to the next!


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