#6: Gold Hill Mines Historic Park

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I’m becoming my grandparents, for real. This.is.not.good! LOL Seriously, I remember my dad telling me stories about how my grandparents used to drag them all over the country to random historical parks and apparently my grandfather had a thing for forts. To this day, my dad hates forts and never took us to famous landmarks and parks because he didn’t want to torture my sister and I. So, there I go repeating history but my kids actually like this stuff. They really dig it. I, on the other hand half listen and definitely half read the educational materials and opt for wandering off to take photos. I leave the history nerd stuff to my husband since he’s all in to that too.

This past weekend we went to Historic Gold Hill while the puppy got pampered at the puppy spa (spoiled puppy). Gold Hill is a small town outside of Concord, NC that I had heard a little bit about back around Halloween. Apparently, there are ghost stories of miners but I don’t mess with that stuff so I’m not going to relay any ghost stories here. It’s an old mining town that dates back to the nineteenth century and the first discovery of gold was back in 1824.  You can read more about Gold Hill here .

We had fun on this trip. I am a little disappointed that we couldn’t get a tour but we were there on a weekend so we sort of did our own little tour. We’ve been to Reed Gold Mine so we were familiar with how the miners worked and with some of the equipment. While the boys ran around, I snuck off to take some photos of the town. We then decided to start walking the Historic Rail Trail. Along the trail you learn about the life of the miners and all of the “help” they had from slaves and children. I was hoping my kids would appreciate how good they have it by just having to clean their rooms and help pick up around the house but..nope, went right over their heads!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t walk the entire thing because of time. We do plan on coming back someday, maybe during the week for a real tour.


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