#8: Riverwalk Greenway in Rock Hill, SC

Catawba River on Riverwalk Greenway

Catawba River at Riverwalk Greenway in Rock Hill Sc

This past weekend was really nice, then it rained. I found the Riverwalk Greenway on the AllTrails app on my phone. I’ve been using that app for a while now and when I have to change plans for whatever reason I can always find a place near by. I hadn’t planned to walk this trail until spring but Rock Hill isn’t too far from me so I went. The Riverwalk Greenway is a three mile paved trail along the Catawba River. Unfortunately, I couldn’t walk the entire thing because it started raining shortly after we got there. The trail seemed to be moderately traveled with runners and dog walkers. The puppy was loving her little social hour with other dogs, she still thinks she’s bigger than what she is though.  I was able to get down along the river bank and take some photos quickly.   These are my two best shots before the rain really started to come down. I also took a few shots with my phone before it started to rain. I’ll post those on Instagram.

Riverwalk Greenway, Rock Hill, SC

Riverwalk Greenway

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