#9: Elizabeth Park in Charlotte, NC

Captain Jack statue, Elizabeth Park Charlotte NC

Captain Jack Statue in Elizabeth Park

A few weeks ago, I did a reshoot of Midtown Park in Charlotte. I also went scouting for new places to photograph and it was then that I found Elizabeth Park. I didn’t photograph it right away but decided to come back when I had more time.  I chose to come back in the afternoon so that I’d have a fighting chance at a parking space and also because Charlotte is beautiful at sunset. I can’t always get uptown during the afternoons to capture it. I should make more of an effort though because sunset pictures in my part of town never come out right.  My neighborhood sits in a photographically horrible position and any potentially decent photos would be blocked by houses.

Elizabeth Park is on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway in Charlotte between Elizabeth Ave and E. 4th St. It’s not hard to find at all. It’s not a very big park. One of the first things that I noticed was this large statue of a man on a horse. I went up to and read the plaque and it’s a statue of  Captain Jack. There are several of these bronze statues along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. It’s a walking tour called the Trail of History. You can read more about that here. I photographed a few of these statues last summer and will put them all together in a blog post sometime.

Several swings with pergolas on top are placed around a grassy circle. All 4 of us were able to fit and swing for a while. As you go down the steps, you’re back onto the greenway. Like I said, not a big park at all. What attracted me to this park, was the view of the Charlotte skyline and how the sunlight reflected off of the buildings. In between telling my kids to stop jumping off of walls,  I was able to get some photos of the statue and the park with the skyline in the back. Not long after that, we left.

Elizabeth Park in Charlotte, NC

Elizabeth Park at Sunset

For the next trail/park I’ll be heading back to Kings Mountain. There’s a nature trail that I started walking a few years ago but got caught in a wicked thunderstorm and had to run back to the car. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more shots than I did the last time.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any suggestions for trails or parks in the NC or SC areas that I should be visiting.



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