Hi and welcome to my photoblog Outside with J.E.M.

This photo blog will be a collection of pictures that I take as I travel around North Carolina and anywhere else that interests me in the future.

I have always been an outside kind of girl. I grew up in Fauquier County, Virginia outside of Washington DC. I was lucky enough to be raised “in the country” around my family with lots of land to run around on. I was that little girl in a sundress with dirty feet that stayed out until late at night staring at the stars, listening to crickets and animals in the woods. My summers were spent in Annapolis, Md with my grandparents who lived right on the beach. Again, I was always outside. Spending time outside was like a gravitational pull. I had to be in the sun, walking around, noticing everything. I felt relaxed, recharged and nurtured outside.

I’ve been told that I see the world from a different perspective than most. I’m really just very observant and have always believed that nonverbal speaks louder than verbal. When photographing nature, city and landscapes the subject obviously doesn’t speak, there isn’t anyone to direct. Nature directs herself and you have to look within that direction to find your photo. All of the photos on this blog are everyday things, seen from my perspective. My photos are taken outside, hiking, trail walking and pretty much anywhere I am.  I am not a professional photographer. I just like to capture the world around me and have decided to share it.

I hope this blog inspires everyone to get outside and explore more. We spend a great deal of time looking at screens or driving around. Remind yourself to put down the screen and take in your surroundings or stop the car when you are driving and see something amazing. Don’t let that moment pass. Pay attention to what is going on around you.  You never know what you might have been missing.

Go outside, notice everything, let nature be your nurturer and photograph it all!


**In addition/extension to this blog, I also post photos on Instagram taken with my phone. While there might be some duplicates and similarities to what is posted here, I strive to provide a different perspective with each camera that I use.**

Instagram: @outside_with_jem