Afternoon in Charlotte, NC

I love living in Charlotte! I’m always discovering new stuff and although Romare Bearden Park is not so new, its new to me. We walked around this park today and it is now one of my favorite places to go. The large green area is right outside of BB&T stadium where the Charlotte Knights play. If I was a baseball fan, this would be the perfect spot to hang before the game. There’s a huge screen outside of the stadium so they could possibly be broadcasting it as well, I don’t know. The kids area is super cute with rocks and stuff to climb on. I pressed a metal buttons and mist came out. Very cool, until I saw one kid drinking from it and seriously who does that..gross! The fountain changes color depending on the season or activities in the area. I notice that a lot of the buildings in the city change color depending on what is going on. I’ve seen the Duke Power building change to Panthers colors during a game and was pink for breast cancer awareness.

Behind the fountain and up some stairs,  there’s a smaller green area that leads to one of my favorite spots in Charlotte. There’s a little street that is home to the French Quarter and Vallhala Pub and Eatery. These two restaurants have the best atmosphere, especially before sports events and sit on S. Church street, a very photograph friendly street. Everytime I go, someone is taking photos of that street and there are always people packed in there eating. Really, all of the places to eat around there are good. I should do a photo and food tour of Charlotte one day.

I have really grown to love this city, especially in the evening and at night. Some of my favorite photos are represented in the gallery above and I plan to take a lot more and as I do I’ll share them. If you live in Charlotte and have a suggestion of where in the city I should photograph next leave me a note in the comments.

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