Tree Branches-

I saw this tree along one of the walking trails at Latta Plantation one morning. I’ve never seen a tree quite like this one before. I’m calling it a tree because it clearly is or was a tree but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where the tree starts and the other “branches” intersect. It was seriously bizarre. I spent a long time looking and pulling and really trying to figure out what the hell this was. It wasn’t a stump, it wasn’t quite a bunch of branches and it definitely wasn’t two trees together. It looked like it could have been the roots but seriously I was confused, for real. Usually when I got out hiking or just leisurely walking I try to pay attention to odd things or things that seem a little out-of-place. Welp, this was definitely odd and out-of-place.

Some of my best photos were taken of stuff that was odd. At one point I was really in to macro photography and had a little section of photos where I would take a photo and see if I could turn it into something else. Kind of like a guessing game. I figured I’d be like an  abstract artists making a living on taking the obvious and making it obscure. That idea is on the shelf for now but  maybe I’ll take it off one day.

So this photo of a tree, branch or whatever it is was originally taken in color. When I went to edit, it didn’t quite capture all that I wanted in terms of detail and shadows. I look for light and shadows a lot in my photos and color just wasn’t cutting it. I switched to black and white and got what I wanted. I’m still a novice at editing, it frustrates me and I’m impatient. If anyone has any tips on editing photos I’m all ears. I want to hear about apps, programs, all of it. I’m still learning so the more I know the better I’ll get.

As always, I encourage you to go outside, notice everything (especially the odd stuff), let nature be your nurturer and photograph it all!


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