Copperhead Island

Copperhead Island sign

Sign at Copperhead Island

I have been to Copperhead Island a few times but I never walked around the entire island slowly like I did this past trip. Copperhead Island is located near McDowell Nature Preserve in Charlotte, NC.

Driving in, you might think you’re lost because all you see what looks like a closed ranger post and two gates. Pulling into the island you’ll see two maybe three parking areas, an area to launch boats as well as several fishing areas. We chose to park in the first parking lot which is mostly closed to traffic. A sign states something like only 3 cars are permitted on the island at a time. I don’t see how any cars can fit on that island but there is a picnic shelter with a volleyball court and a couple of bathrooms at the top of a hill so I guess its possible for a small party.

There is a trail that loops around so I walked that for a while. I did not see any snakes although I swore that every stick floating in and around the shore was one. I spent a lot of time walking around the decks that go around the trail and over the water. It’s really quiet. It’s perfect for photo shoots. If I did portraits I’d most likely choose this as a possible location.  On the far side there’s an egret nest and signage stating to stay 150 feet back. I’ve never seen an egret up close and I couldn’t see if there were eggs in the nest from where I was standing. I’m pretty sure the puppy would have scared it off if we did see it.

Copperhead Island Stairway

Stairway on Copperhead Island

Copperhead island wooden deck

wooden deck on Copperhead Island

I was getting short on time so I started walking back. As I was getting to the car, I noticed my arm breaking out into hives. It felt like it was on fire. By the time I got home, it was all over my back and legs. I still have no idea what caused it. I saw nothing when I woke up the next day so hopefully it was just a one time thing.

I have been hearing that snakes are coming out so if you do visit Copperhead Island or anywhere else outdoors be careful. Thanks again for reading!


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