Charlotte, North Carolina

Many of the photos that you will see in this photoblog are taken in and around Charlotte, NC. I am proud to call Charlotte, NC my home, well my second home. If you read my About page, you will remember me telling you that I am originally from Northern Virginia. I will always be a Virginia girl at heart but Charlotte has since stolen a huge part of my heart. It wasn’t always the case. I hate change and after moving here I resisted liking this place for a very very long time. I would criticize everything from the driving, the “Carolina Accent” to the food (you will still never get me to like Cheerwine…ever, its like flat Dr. Pepper). Not even having my youngest son here was going to make me forge a connection to a state and a city I didn’t know. I’m very hard headed that way.

Fast forward 9 years later and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The weather here is different than where I’m from. It’s consistently about 10 degrees warmer and less humid. Northern Virginia has dreadful summers and you are hit with a wall of humidity that is very overwhelming. I fell in love with Charlotte’s weather almost from the beginning and would tell people that’s the only thing that I liked. There are so many things to do and see and although I came from one of the most heavily visited areas of the country, I still find that there is so much more here. Yes, DC is very photographic but come one everyone has those photos of the National Mall and the Baltimore Aquarium. When I decided to make my photography hobby a full time venture, I decided that I would cover as much of my surrounding areas and beyond as possible and provide readers with as much information as possible to inspire people to get out of their bubble and go explore. Don’t be like me and discount a new place right off the bat because you don’t know what you’re missing.

Charlotte Info

Charlotte, NC resides  Mecklenburg County and you will often hear people referring to Charlotte as CharMeck, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, the Queen City, or the abbreviation CLT. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and the uptown area of Charlotte is home to a few big names in banking industry such as Bank of American and Wells Fargo. Duke Energy has a headquarters in uptown as well.

Charlotte was first inhabited by the Native American tribe called Catawba.¬† There are a couple of places that I have visited to learn about the Native American tribes that were living in Charlotte. In Rock Hill, South Carolina you can visit the Catawba Indian Nation where there is a wealth of information about the tribe. There are current residents of the tribe living there and the museum and walking trails are very interesting. It’s not a far drive from Charlotte. The Museum of the Waxhaws has a lot of information as well as living history days where you can go and see how life was for the European Settlers and the Waxhaw tribe.

Charlotte was home to several prominent families in history. Among those were relatives of Presidents James Polk and Andrew Jackson. Charlotte was named for Queen Charlotte of Mecklenberg. When we were touring houses here we were told that each street sign has a crown on it and that is to honor Queen Charlotte. The location of the crown points to the direction of the city of Charlotte.

Charlotte living

The Charlotte Metro area has so much to see and do and after almost 9 years I’m still discovering places and adding them to my to-do list. I am a self proclaimed foodie and the food in Charlotte is amazing. We’re not really known as a food destination but there is so much culinary talent here and if you like Food Trucks then there are several neighborhoods that host Food Truck Friday’s. There are several neighborhoods in town that are called Wards. I haven’t really explored all of them yet but when I do I’ll share the photos. In and around the metro area are tons of parks and museums.

As I said earlier, a good majority of my photos on this blog have come from in and around Charlotte. As I continue to find new places to visit and photograph, I will share. Charlotte is a beautiful city and the entire metro area offers a lot of things to do and see. I like to find little the less traveled as well as the widely known areas to visit and photograph. As always, if you live here or have visited here or want to visit, I’d love to hear from you.