Shell Island Resort Wrightsville Beach, NC

Everyone loves the beach right? There’s something about the sand, the water, the ocean wind (ok maybe not so much the wind). Every summer people flock to the beach to spend a few days forgetting about home and stress and whatever else is bugging you at the moment and simply relax. I grew up spending summers at the beach and that time in my life was by far the most memorable of my life. Now that I am a mom, I strive to pass on that beach experience to them. Our favorite location is Shell Island Resort located in Wrightsville, NC.

Wrightsville, NC/Shell Island

Shell Island Resort is located in Wrightsville , NC. Wrightsville is your typical beach town offering lots of beach shops in case you forgot something at home, places to eat and hang out. There were paddle board and kayak rentals available as well (which I will be doing the next time I go). We didn’t get a chance to go out to the pier but there’s a large pier in town where you can fish. I heard that they charge a fee to walk on the pier but don’t quote me on that check that out for yourself.

When researching places to go there were several on our list but we chose Shell Island Resort. When you’re driving through Wrightsville to get to the resort you feel as though you might be lost since the resort is literally at the end of the island. Once you get there though, you’ll feel like you’re on your own private island. My first impression of Shell Island,was a good one. I do have to admit that I am a bit of a hotel snob and a germophobe. I’m that hotel guest who will spray and re-wipe all surfaces before using them. I know it’s a little odd but seriously, some people are just gross and besides one of my children has severe food allergies so wiping surfaces is a must. Shell Island was very impressive as far as cleanliness! Woo hoo!

There is a large parking garage so you don’t have to worry about parking. When you enter the resort, the lobby is open and has several seating areas. The restaurant is located off of the lobby but we didn’t eat there. Each room faces the ocean and have a few options for sleeping depending on your needs. Our room had one bedroom and a pullout couch, a kitchen with a full stove, microwave and fridge. The resort really does supply you with everything that you would need to feel like you were really at home. We had pots, pans, silverware, plates all provided in the cabinets. We cooked the majority of our meals in the room without a problem. The resort has a bar, outside pool and a few nights there was a band playing music outside.

The beach itself is awesome and wasn’t crowded even during peak hours. The only people on the beach were others staying at the resort. We were always able to find a spot and feel like we had our own space. As a photographer, the scenery was amazing. The waves were large at times and provided me with some great shots.  The kids had fun bouncing in and out of the water, doing what boys do though. Walking along the beach, pay attention to the shells. Seriously, you will find some of the most interesting shells and random shark teeth. At night, the sunsets were breathtaking! Walking on the beach at sunset and into the night is my favorite thing ever! The photographs that I took were awesome.

To see some of the photos, check out my blog post on Shell Island.

If you’re interested in visiting Shell Island Resort, visit their page. I also suggest checking out the town Wrightsville, NC while you’re there.

If you’ve been to either of these places, leave a comment. I’d love to hear about it.