Earth Day in Freedom Park: Charlotte, NC

Carolina Thread Trail Freedom Park Charlotte NC

Freedom Park is probably one of my favorite parks in Charlotte. It’s not large but always populated. One of my favorite things to do there is put the hammock up out by the amphitheater. There are large trees all around and if you’re not bothered by begging ducks, it’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

On Earth Day, we had the boys take part in a tree climbing demonstration. Professional arborists were there to put the kids into their climbing gear and help them swing, limb walk and climb up the large Pin Oak trees. At home, my they’re always climbing the trees in our back yard. The problem is, our trees are young, the branches aren’t very sturdy and not very high so once they climbed up once, it wasn’t much fun for them. They each have a favorite tree in the yard and it’s funny to see them climb “their tree” and talk to each other from across the yard. I love that they get outdoors and explore like that. I loved climbing trees and walking in the woods when I was a kid. It makes me a little sad that they don’t have access to the acreage that I did though.

During the tree climb, my youngest only did the swing but then decided that he wanted to limb walk. My oldest, and dare devil, went straight for the climb and at one point I couldn’t even see him (yikes!) I’m so proud of them because I am terrified of heights!

After the tree climb, we crossed the bridge to walk a little of the nature trail. We’ve walked the nature trail before but this time we went off of the paved path and onto the single track that’s close to the water. The trail itself isn’t very long but it is very dense and rocky.  If I had planned better, I wouldn’t have worn flip flops. Getting back up onto the paved trail was a bit of a chore and a tad funny.Freedom Park Charlotte Rock Pile

Back out on the paved path we decided to cut the day short because kids were getting cranky and starting to fight so that’s always time to go. If anyone else has 8 and 11 yr old boys, they know what I’m talking about.

My oldest is starting to get into photography and insisted on taking the photos with my phone on this trip. Each of these was taken by him. I might be a little bit biased… ok a lot biased…. but I think he’s developing a pretty good eye for an 11 yr old.


Freedom Park Nature Trail

Walking along the Nature Trail at Freedom Park

I love that my boys are loving the outdoors as much as I did. These weekly trips are really starting to open their eyes to things other than legos and minecraft (thank goodness!). I don’t really know where this blog or these trips will develop into but the one thing that I do hope is that it inspires everyone to get out and explore what’s around you. Don’t be afraid to go on adventures. You don’t have to travel far to explore, get great photos or have a new experience. Look around your area for parks, trails, uninhabited pockets of woods and just walk around. Not every destination needs to be this stellar outlandish National Geographic sort of destination. Your neighborhood and surroundings can easily provide plenty to explore, just don’t venture into areas that say “no trespassing.” 🙂

-Have a great one!




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