I love fall! I love everything about fall! I love the colors, the apple picking, the pumpkins, the weather. Probably my favorite of all of that is the weather. There’s just something comforting about sitting outside around the fireplace wrapped in a blanket. This time of year is when I take the most photos, my camera definitely gets a workout. I also get a workout hiking around the mountains every weekend lugging a camera bag.

One of my favorite things to do in fall is apple picking. This year we went to  Sky Top Apple Orchard in Flat Rock, NC. Its way up in the mountains and a beautiful drive. The first thing you notice when you get out of the car is the smell of their famous apple doughnuts. They bake them fresh right in front of you and the smell literally pulls you over to stand in line. We fought the urge and went to pick apples first. The orchard reminded me of an orchard in Virginia that we visited on a school field trip when I was a kid. Super cute! We chose a wagon and made our way up the trail. We never know anything about what apples we’re picking or even look at a map. Some people seem to know what they want by the name, have a map and planned the whole thing out. Not us. We just scatter, look at what trees have apples and if they look good we pick it. We end up with a ton of apples some green, yellow and red but don’t ask me what they’re names are because I couldn’t tell you. SO on the way back down the mountain we were reminded of the doughnuts.  We got them hot and fresh from the oven.  I seriously picked the wrong time to give up bread and sugar (I had a little bite though).  The doughnuts didn’t make the short walk back to the car so back in line we went for another box.

Once we got home, exhausted, I started planning the apple sandwiches, apple sauce, apple butter, apple muffins (see now I sound like Bubba from Forest Gump). Anyway, we had apples for days and I spent a lot of time putting those apples to good use in various recipes. It’s always an awesome time and I look forward to it every year.

What is your fall tradition? I’d love to know!

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