Fall 2016


I am pretty behind on blog posts and editing photos. This photo blog planning and redesign process took way longer than I had planned and expected. Why does that always happen? During my project management days, there was always a strict project plan and every time, something would come up that would push back the completion date. Such is life!

This past fall, I didn’t do so much hiking as I would in previous years. I did a lot of nature walks. I feel that the little parks in and around my area never seem to get a lot of photographic attention. Everyone wants to go uptown to photograph Charlotte and while that is something that I still love to do, I wanted to see what else was out there that I was overlooking. This collection of photos will be done in two parts. Each was taken in and around various parks in Union County and South Charlotte. This first series was taken with just my phone. Click on a picture to view the slideshow.

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