Park 1: Mineral Springs Greenway

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In my last post, I shared that I made a new goal to visit 52 parks/places this year. Hiking and taking walks on nature trails is something that I do a lot. I found Mineral Springs Greenway by accident. I got lost one day and I randomly passed it on the road and stopped. I’ve been back several times since and figured it would be a good starting point for my first hike of the year. I had originally planned on going to the mountains but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

Mineral Springs Greenway is located Waxhaw, NC and is part of the Carolina Thread Trail.  The trail spans a little over 1 mile one way. I’ve noticed horses out sometimes and a few dog walkers. It’s very quiet. I’d categorize it as an easy hike although there are a few hills but nothing strenuous. This particular day, there were a few people out taking photos but that was it. The puppy came along and in true diva form, she had to be the one in control. This dog has truly taken to hiking and nature walking but has to be in the damn lead 🙂

On this hike, I spent a little more time than usual looking around. I found a tree that was bent like a waterslide, the ferns that I usually walk by grabbed the sun in a way that looked different and I captured a few sunbursts. I climbed  down a pretty steep hill to capture some photos of some large rocks along the stream. Getting down the hill wasn’t the problem, it was climbing back up and slipping on leaves along the way. There are houses along the trail so I wasn’t sure where the private property ended so maybe I was in someone’s back yard I don’t know.  I got some ok shots while down there. I could have stayed there a long time. I do that though. I’ll see a bed of rocks in the middle of a waterway and walk out there and just sit forever.Daylight was starting to fade so I decided to turn around and head back to the car. Overall, I think I walked the greenway for a couple of hours, it was a great start to a year of hiking.

I hope you will continue to follow me along this journey of 52 hikes during this year. I haven’t made a definite plan of where I’ll be next or what order I’ll go in. Part of that is on purpose and part of it is that I really have no idea where I’m going next. I’m hoping to learn a lot about myself, my surroundings and to definitley get better as a photographer. I don’t know how it’s going to play out but I know it’s going to be an adventure.

Go outside, notice everthing, let nature be your nurturer and photograph it all.

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