Happy New Year!

One of the first questions that always I get asked is “where do you go to take your photos?” I usually tell them something along the lines of “everywhere, all the time.” I usually don’t plan out my trips ahead of time, I just go. Sometimes I make the decision that morning, pack up and head out. Most of the time I end up in the same places just taking a different trail, or the same trail but noticing different things.

For the coming year, I’m going to do try a different approach. I have made a goal to visit 52 parks of all sizes (state, local, small, large) in 52 weeks all around North and South Carolina . I will write a blog post about each  visit and obviously post pictures both on this blog and Instagram. I don’t have a particular order or preferred area to travel to first. I want to discover something new. I want to visit parks and nature trails that I don’t hear a lot about. I’m looking for unique things, things that catch my eye. I will still hit up my normal spots and try to find something there that I haven’t yet done. I’m excited for this goal, a little intimidated but definitely looking forward to new experiences and maybe I’ll find a new favorite place along the way.

As always, I encourage everyone to:

Go outside, notice everything, let nature be your nurturer and photograph it all!

Happy New Year!

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