Kings Mountain Nature Trail-take two

black and white dog

Layla thinking she’s a big dog

One thing that I’ve learned about these planned hikes is that NOTHING goes as planned. The weekend was nice and so I felt great about going back to Kings Mountain knowing I wouldn’t get caught in the rain like I did last time. Why oh why did I NOT look at the website before I went. I just packed up everything and everyone and rolled out the door.

When we got there, the trailhead that we normally take was closed…flippin closed! So I got onto the website and right there was a notice that said the trailhead would be closed until April but we could park at the Living History Farm or Equestrian Parking lot and walk the trail from there. So that’s what we did, turned into the Living History Farm. I had no real interest in the living history buildings but since we were here I got a few shots of the buildings. There’s a huge sign that says photographers can’t take photos and sell them so I won’t be adding these to my gallery. I played around with antique filters for the shots of the buildings.  Layla, the puppy, was having a fit barking at the chickens and cows. I didn’t want to linger too long because we were losing daylight. We started along the trail a cross from the farm.

Kings Mountain Living History Farm Fence

Fence at Kings Mountain Living History Farm

Soon after we crossed the second street..another sign saying the trail was closed. Seriously, what in the closed road is going on?!? For real! So, yet again we had to turn around. At that point, I decided to just take some macro and close up shots so it wasn’t a total waste of time AGAIN!

macro photo of a log in Kings Mountain

Macro photo of a log along a trail in Kings Mountain


Seriously Kings Mountain, I know I shoulda read the website before I left but when I did read the website your instructions were all kinds of wrong. Don’t close a trail then tell us to access a trail from a different way then close that way too and not update your site.


People say that blogs are supposed to be only positive reviews but whenever I read those overly positive blogs I get the “I’m being paid to be nice” vibe. I’m not getting paid to write any of this (although if someone wanted to sponsor one of my hikes I’m game!) What you’re reading is real life, blunt at times and very honest. Why sugar coat experiences that have salt sprinkled all over it. This photoblog is never going to be anything but real. I’m real in real life why be fake for the internet.

Anyway, my next hike isn’t planned because I think I’m just gonna wing it this time and see what I come up with.

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