Lake Haigler

In my  last post I mentioned that I broke my toe recently, so I haven’t been out  hiking trails that much. I went out a few times and came home in pain so, lesson learned. I’m pretty hard-headed and didn’t want a broken toe to stop me but unfortunately when your body tells you to slow down, do it. Now that my toe is not giving me as much pain, I’m back to trail walking and hiking again. To get a change of scenery, I chose Lake Haigler. I’ve been toying around with a few trail apps and I saw this trail on HikingProject.

Lake Haigler is in Fort Mill, SC. It’s a 1-1/4 loop around the lake. The day I went, it was fairly populated but not overwhelming. We started off by going by the nature center then walked the trail down by the swinging bridge. The swinging bridge is a 125 foot bridge that crosses Steele Creek. It doesn’t look all that intimidating but once you start walking on it and you’re not by yourself, it gets a tad wobbly. It’s easy to lose your balance quickly. One guy passed me and said “does anyone else feel like a drunken sailor, or is it just me?” It wasn’t just him 😉 Once you get a cross the bridge there are more trails that I didn’t walk because the boys wanted to walk back across, IN the creek. They did, I didn’t. As soon as I said “be careful, don’t fall” my oldest slips on a rock and is soaking wet. If the weather was colder that would have been game over for our trip but since it was warm, we kept going. Next time, maybe he’ll listen.

Past the nature center is the Lake Loop. We started out going left on the side with the tall pines. We saw turtle families  sunbathing , ducks were out as well as Canadian Geese. I try to stay away from the geese because they’ve been known to chase people. Crossing a bridge we saw a copper head.  I hate snakes. Growing up in the country you’d think I wouldn’t mind them because we saw them all the time in our creek. I have recurrent nightmares of thousands of snakes crawling on the ground and I can’t get past them. That scene in Indian Jones with the snake pit, yeah that’s all I see ugh! Across the bridge starts the part of the trail that is mostly hardwood trees. We covered this section pretty quick because I was starting to hear “I’m tired, I’m hot, I’m thirsty, I’m hungry” every few minutes.

Overall, the trail is not half bad. I didn’t like that I had to pay to get in. This seems to be common for South Carolina parks though. I took some photos of the lake and the wildlife along the way. I’ll post those for the blog and Instagram but they won’t be available for purchase once I get the store up and running (I didn’t get a commercial permit). Click on any image to see a slide show.

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