NC Zoo Ashboro, North Carolina

I’ve been trying to branch out a little and photograph more than just trees. While still on Spring Break we chose to go to the NC Zoo in Ashboro. We’re were just near the Uwharrie Mountains at Badin Lake so we just continued the trip a little further. I always compare every place to what we used to have in DC so paying for things like Zoos and museums is still cringeworthy to me and the difference in size is still something I have to get used to.

The NC Zoo didn’t disappoint. We had been told that we should prepare to walk, a lot and thankfully it wasn’t hot so all of the walking around didn’t seem all that bad. The NC Zoo sits on around 2200 acres of land. There are two areas: North America and Africa. We chose to park in Africa and with food allergies, we chose to picnic outside of the park before entering. As we entered the park, my youngest was quick to point out that he “smelled poop.” Welcome to the zoo kid! We started out by looking at the Watani Grasslands where we first saw the ostrich.

NC Zoo ostrich

Ostrich at the NC Zoo

Black and white photo of the ostrich at the NC Zoo

Black and white photo of an ostrich








Next, we moved on to the elephants.  There was a group of three and then one lone elephant. We later learned that the group were the females (a mom and her daughters) and the male.

Elephant by rocks at NC ZOO

Elephant by the rocks

Three elephants at NC Zoo

Three elephants walking down the path


Male Elephant at the NC Zoo

Male Elephant

On the way back from the elephants, we finally saw the giraffes and zebras that had made their way up to the grass. When we passed by the first time, they were down by the overlook and I wasn’t paying $2 just to see them. My oldest has had a  giraffe stuffed animal since he was very small and my youngest has a zebra that we got from the Riverbanks Zoo so taking real photos of these animals was special to them.

NC Zoo Zebra

Zebra at the NC Zoo

Giraffe at NC Zoo

Giraffe walking by the trees

Giraffe at NC Zoo


We took the tram over to North America. There’s a kids area there so we spent a little time letting them run around. Across from the kid zone is the polar bear. For some reason the polar bear exhibit was very crowded so I got one shot when I could.

Polar Bear at NC Zoo

Polar Bear

The zoo was about to close so we zipped through the otters, reptiles and snakes. I didn’t take pictures of any of that because we were moving quickly. We had only about 30 minutes to get in as much as we could before we had to stand in line to take the tram back to the parking lot. Overall, the day was good. My allergies kicked in towards the end of the day so all I wanted to do was get in the car and go to sleep.


Hope you enjoyed the photos and if you’ve been to the NC Zoo and can tell me what I missed let me know!


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