“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook” -William James


As the above quote says, as we grow we gain a better understanding of what to overlook and what to pay attention to. When I started taking photos I would generally scan the scenery and I would overlook a lot of what I was seeing. I’m always looking for something special, something that stands out. Most of the time, I do get what I’m looking for but there are other times that I don’t. In this journey to become a better photographer, I am trying to learn how to overlook the obvious and search for objects and scenery out in nature that aren’t readily seen. To me, elevating my photographic ability has been about knowing and finding what to overlook. Everyone takes pictures of the obvious. What I want to accomplish, is capturing what others overlook. To me, there is no perfect shot but there are perfect moments and perfect objects out in nature that need to be and should be captured as I see it. Everyone sees things in a different way and the beauty of photography is that you and I can stand right next to each other, capture the same scenery and have two different photos.  That is why I love nature and landscape photography so much.

Overlooking the obvious and capturing the often unseen challenges me and drives me to become better. As always, I continue and also challenge you to go outside, notice everything, let nature be your nurturer and photograph it all. You never know what you have overlooked until you pay close attention.



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