Riverwalk Greenway, Rock Hill, SC
This past weekend was really nice, then it rained. I found the Riverwalk Greenway on the AllTrails app on my phone. I’ve been using that app for a while now and when I have to change plans for whatever reason I can always find a place near by. I hadn’t […]

#8: Riverwalk Greenway in Rock Hill, SC

midtown park charlotte nc
Midtown Park is on South Kings Drive near Carolina’s Medical Center-Main. I originally found this park last year when I brought lunch to my husband. It’s a really cute park and even though I’d been here before, I decided to add it to this years hike/park tour because I like […]

#7: Midtown Park: Charlotte, NC

gold hill nc historic mines park
I’m becoming my grandparents, for real. This.is.not.good! LOL Seriously, I remember my dad telling me stories about how my grandparents used to drag them all over the country to random historical parks and apparently my grandfather had a thing for forts. To this day, my dad hates forts and never […]

#6: Gold Hill Mines Historic Park

four mile creek reflection
This weeks hike took me back to a part of the Lower McAlpine Creek and Four Mile Creek Greenways that I hadn’t been to before. This was more of a walk than a hike as there was no elevation to walk up.  I have visited different parts of both greenways but […]

#5: Lower McAlpine Creek & Four Mile Creek Greenway

McAlpine Creek Greenway is a place I’ve been wanting to go for a while. I used to pass this park everytime I had a doctor’s appointment when I was pregnant with my second son. I always wanted to stop there and told myself I would one day but never did. […]

Park 4: McAlpine Creek Greenway

baseballs at Crooked Creek Park
So, it was supposed to “snow” over the weekend, it didn’t. We got mostly ice as usual and a little bit of snow.  I put snow in quotes because it never really snows here, not like it does in Virginia. Growing up in Virginia we looked forward to snow because when […]

Park 2: Crooked Creek Park

In my last post, I shared that I made a new goal to visit 52 parks/places this year. Hiking and taking walks on nature trails is something that I do a lot. I found Mineral Springs Greenway by accident. I got lost one day and I randomly passed it on the […]

Park 1: Mineral Springs Greenway

One of the first questions that always I get asked is “where do you go to take your photos?” I usually tell them something along the lines of “everywhere, all the time.” I usually don’t plan out my trips ahead of time, I just go. Sometimes I make the decision that […]

Happy New Year!

red and orange leaves through the trees
  I am pretty behind on blog posts and editing photos. This photo blog planning and redesign process took way longer than I had planned and expected. Why does that always happen? During my project management days, there was always a strict project plan and every time, something would come up that […]

Fall 2016

Stairs walking down a trail
Shortly after my birthday this year we returned to South Mountains State park. This time we brought Layla our dog. We got Layla in February of this year. She’s a very unlikely mix between a shorkie (yorkie/shih tzu) and a mini American Eskimo. Her owner said she was an “accidental […]

South Mountains State Park 2016

Marshall Park Charlotte NC
Over the summer I decided to delve into to some city photography. I’ve always leaned towards nature and landscape photography but being on this journey of venturing out of my comfort zone I thought I should take the camera to the city. Charlotte photographs well. Every time I open up […]

Walking around Charlotte, NC

Fall is my favorite time of the year. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up with a blanket next to the fire. I was playing around with the settings on my camera and captured these shots. Fire is not easy to capture, or at least not […]

Fire and Flames

green leaf growing from a burnt log
Walking along a trail last weekend, I noticed that part of the woods had recently undergone a controlled burn. I have seen this before since I hike a lot but I’ve never stopped and paid close attention to the surroundings. Photographically, there is a lot to take in. The details […]