Park 2: Crooked Creek Park

Entrance to Crooked Creek Park

So, it was supposed to “snow” over the weekend, it didn’t. We got mostly ice as usual and a little bit of snow.  I put snow in quotes because it never really snows here, not like it does in Virginia. Growing up in Virginia we looked forward to snow because when it snowed we were guaranteed a minimum of 6 inches and usually got more than that which meant no school. That’s not really the case in Charlotte. When the weather calls for snow we “northerners” believe it when we see it. I know, Virginia isn’t a northern state but that’s what I’ve been called down here so I just go with it. I didn’t want to venture too far out-of-town since I was hearing that other areas got hit with actual snow so I picked a place that I had been to before.

Crooked Creek Baseball Fields

View of the entrance to the Baseball Fields at Crooked Creek


Crooked Creek Park is fairly new. It’s in Union County not far from Charlotte. The main focus of this park are the baseball fields. I’m not into baseball but these are pretty nice fields.

On one side of the fields is a playground and picnic tables. The other side has workout equipment, frisbee golf and a dog park.  Normally when I’m there, I walk or run the paved trail around the baseball fields. I’m not a runner but every year I tell myself I’ll get in to running and every year I find a reason to quit. I didn’t spend much time here at all because it was cold. I snapped a few photos and rolled out! I can handle the cold most days but 20 degrees, you can have that!

baseballs at Crooked Creek Park

Baseballs at the entrance of the baseball fields at Crooked Creek Park

My next park/trail I haven’t planned yet. I have a list but, no order to it.  I go back and fort on whether to make this challenge organized or spontaneous. I’m more of a planner by nature but sometimes that hinders the fun so I don’t know, we’ll see. Regardless, I’m going somewhere next weekend.


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