Park 4: McAlpine Creek Greenway

McAlpine Creek Greenway is a place I’ve been wanting to go for a while. I used to pass this park everytime I had a doctor’s appointment when I was pregnant with my second son. I always wanted to stop there and told myself I would one day but never did. Since this challenge is all about finding new places I decided to finally drive up there and see what it was.

I read that there was an old mill on the trail somewhere so I was hoping to find it. When we got there it was not crowded. I didn’t see much there. We walked down a paved path toward what looked like an open field and a pond. There were a couple of people fishing and a lot of runners. Honestly, there was nothing here but trails around the pond. It was pretty….eh. I walked around, saw a train bridge and walked under Monroe Road. I didn’t ever find that mill. I took some photos and headed home.

I had hoped to find something interesting to photograph here but I didn’t. I know not all of the places are going to provide stellar photographic content. I get that. If I lived closer I might go back to this park to walk the dog but I don’t think I’d go back alone.

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