Shadows“There are dark shadows on Earth, but it’s lights are stronger in the contrast”-Charles Dickens

Lately, I have been doing a great deal of introspection about my life and where I’ve been and especially where I’m going (probably because my birthday is near). I believe that being an introspective person is very important to constant self-growth and helps to catapult us into the next phase of our lives. Setting aside time just for you is crucial for that growth to happen. Usually, for me,  this is all done on a hike or nature walk while photographing other things that I’m looking at. I think about my goals, my passions, my hurts, my regrets.  Sometimes I come to conclusions, other times I don’t.

Over the last few years, I have made a conscious decision to enhance my photographic eye and to branch out into new areas of photography. This is turning into more than just a hobby for me and has become something that I focus on daily instead of occasionally. I hesitate still because I doubt my ability, knowing deep inside that I can do anything I set my mind to, still I hesitate.  Too often I find myself paying attention to those “dark shadows” that seem to be looming in the background. Some of those shadows were me getting in my own way and others were negative things that individuals had said to me over the years. I didn’t know how to let it all go and push forward regardless. To let it go, you have to focus on what is truly positive and shining bright lights in your life and let the rest go. Its not easy. We all tend to hold on to what is familiar but at the same time familiar could be the very thing that is creating those shadows that you allow to affect your daily life.  It’s an ongoing process.

Let the light in, shine bright and let the rest go.

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