South Mountains State Park 2016

Shortly after my birthday this year we returned to South Mountains State park. This time we brought Layla our dog. We got Layla in February of this year. She’s a very unlikely mix between a shorkie (yorkie/shih tzu) and a mini American Eskimo. Her owner said she was an “accidental litter” and Layla’s mom hadn’t planned on having puppies. Well things happen right? So we went to see her and it was love at first site. She’s a very loving and lively puppy and she loves to hike. We take her everywhere and she assumes the lead each time. This particular hike I was a tad nervous because I knew that she could handle the beginning of the hike but closer to the waterfall I wasn’t so sure she could make it all the way without getting scared. The stairs leading up to the falls are very steep and even I hate that walk. She did ok though! I actually was very hesitant on allowing her to walk up the falls so we stopped and took a break right before the steep climb up. My oldest and I decided to keep going though and once we got to the top we heard little feet behind us. Apparently, Layla had a little barking tantrum seeing us walk ahead so she pulled on the leash to make my husband follow us up the falls (she’s rather bossy). I’m so proud of her, she slept the whole way home. I didn’t include her in any of the photos because that little booger wouldn’t stay still 🙂

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