Park Pictures

Carolina Thread Trail Freedom Park Charlotte NC
Freedom Park is probably one of my favorite parks in Charlotte. It’s not large but always populated. One of my favorite things to do there is put the hammock up out by the amphitheater. There are large trees all around and if you’re not bothered by begging ducks, it’s a […]

Earth Day in Freedom Park: Charlotte, NC

red and orange leaves through the trees
  I am pretty behind on blog posts and editing photos. This photo blog planning and redesign process took way longer than I had planned and expected. Why does that always happen? During my project management days, there was always a strict project plan and every time, something would come up that […]

Fall 2016

Marshall Park Charlotte NC
Over the summer I decided to delve into to some city photography. I’ve always leaned towards nature and landscape photography but being on this journey of venturing out of my comfort zone I thought I should take the camera to the city. Charlotte photographs well. Every time I open up […]

Walking around Charlotte, NC

I saw this tree along one of the walking trails at Latta Plantation one morning. I’ve never seen a tree quite like this one before. I’m calling it a tree because it clearly is or was a tree but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where the […]


My family and I decided to take a walk along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway in Charlotte, NC today. We started off parking at Freedom Park. We walked down the bike path and under a bridge and continued along the greenway. The boys were on their bikes and I, as […]

Duck in the water along the Sugar Creek Greenway in ...

I captured this little salamander with a blue tail while I was walking along a nature trail in Colonel Francis Beatty Park. I see these little salamanders all the time around my home but they’re usually green or brown depending on what they’re near. He obviously wasn’t in the mood […]

Salamander in Col. Francis Beatty Park, Charlotte NC