Winery Tour: Burntshirt Vineyard in Hendersonville, NC

I had so much fun at this winery! Over the last few years I have wanted to refine my palate both with food and wine. Whenever we go to the mountains we are always passing signs for wineries and vineyards in the area but we never stopped.  So for my birthday, we decided to go on a self guided wine tour around the mountains in North Carolina. We went to several that day but by far my favorite was Burntshirt Vineyard in Hendersonville, NC. This winery is beautiful and walking around the vineyard was so relaxing! We tasted several wines and although I traditionally preferred white wines, their reds were amazing! They are so nice and provide you with a brief education on the particular wine you’re tasting.  I never knew that if you put a piece of chocolate in your mouth before taking a sip of a red, you’ll be able to pick up on the flavors of the barrel and fruit. It’s amazing!

After our wine tasting, we walked around the vineyard. Since it was fall, they had everything decorated with pumpkins and fall colors. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year so this was a happy addition to my birthday. We walked around to their little pet cemetery and to the red barn where I took some photos. I always take pictures of barns, its just the country girl in me. Near the tasting room is a building called “The Shed.” It is the cutest building filled with garden stuff and wine related items. I didn’t buy any of that stuff because I was already going home with a case of wine.

Overall, I really enjoyed my wine tour and especially enjoyed taking pictures of the vineyard and everything there. I hope you will look through the gallery and let me know what you think.

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